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Short-Wave, Galvanic & Blend

Short-Wave also know as radio frequency current was introduced in 1942 and is a high-frequency thermal current that electrolocoagulates the root also know as the papillae. Fact most people are unaware that each and every hair has its own individual blood supply also known as capillaries that nourishes each and every hair of the follicle. Electrolocoagulation is also known as simply cauterizing the germinative structure of the papillae otherwise known as the root eliminates the blood supply that nourishes the hair results in its termination. Computerized Thermolysis is the most comfortable accurate efficient and quickest of forms of electro-cauterization of the root denies the hair nourishment via the capillaries and from there the root dies and further new hairs cannot reproduce in that follicle. Short-Wave current is known for being quick and efficient and if you have a STATE OF THE ART computerized epilator with a quick insertion delay and excellent practical skill you can treat between 300 to 900 hairs per-hour that is verified by the counter on the epilator.

Galvanic is a low frequency current that cycles 600 times or less per minute in addition it is known as the Chemical Current that results from the electrolytic conversion reaction in the formation of sodium hydroxide that penetrates the entire structure of the follicle. Galvanic current enables the electrolytic conversion reaction henceforth the word electrolysis was used because of the formation of Sodium Hydroxide aka Lye which is one of the basic chemical elements found in the human body. After introducing galvanic current via the probe for a minimum of three seconds Sodium Hydroxide aka Lye starts forming in the follicle. Using specialized magnification the electrologist is able to see tiny white microscopic bubbles effervescing from the orifice of the follicle. Although Sodium Hydroxide also known, as Lye is of an alkaline base it has an acidic affect and that results in the electrodessication of the entire follicle wall and structure, in reference this means it dehydrates the follicle. In addition, galvanic causes the electro-decomposition of the follicle wall by totally breaking down the whole structure of the follicle by the combined electrolytic conversion reaction and concentration of Sodium Hydroxide AKA Lye in the total structure of the follicle. Galvanic current is most effective for resistant tough curved distorted hairs.

The Blend epilator was invented in 1948 by Arthur Hinkel Company and is the combined simultaneous use of Short-Wave and Galvanic currents and each particular form of electrolysis is used hair and skin condition. Which technique is superior? Fact all three techniques, practically applied, are effective with the Blend and Galvanic currents being choice for tough distorted hair. All three modes produce positive results such as Short-Wave for rapid clearing treating 300 to 800 hairs per-hour giving you a smooth, hair-free complexion and, in turn, improve your appearance and sense of emotional well being. On severe cases I rotate all three modes depending the type of hair and area to be treated. However, it is up to the electrologist to make the best choice depending on you hair and skin type what current is best for you. Nevertheless a seasoned electrologist does not limit himself or herself to one mode of treatment that will slow your patient's progress.

How do I choose a qualified electrologist? A qualified electrologist is licensed and registered with a state board of electrologists and has minimum of 700 to 1100 hours of professional training in medical sciences, practical theory and has successfully completed a written and practical state board examination. Their license and registration can be verified by simply calling their state board. When several certificates are displayed, how do I know which one is bona fide? Only 33 states require licensing and registration for electrologists. Look for a state license and certificate of registration with license number and diploma from a nationally and state accredited school. If there are no requirements in your state (Arizona has none), then an electrologist that has made the effort to pursue their education out of state and obtain a license and registration is your best choice. Only a state has the authority to issue a license and registration. Consumer beware of counterfeit mail order diplomas and weekend course certification, and keep in mind, no school can license or register an electrologists. Fact and for the record using the example: Jane Doe, C.P.E. (Certified Professional Electrologist) does not mean the electrologist is state licensed or registered.

What are the most stringent requirements in the United States to become a licensed and registered electrologist?
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts sets the most stringent standards, establishing a board in 1959. The requirements are 500 hours of educational theory, 600 hours of practical theory, and a 2 hour written state board examination accompanied by a 1 hour practical examination in the following medical sciences:

  • Endocrinology
  • Histology
  • Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Dermatology
  • Physiology
  • Anatomy
  • Hygiene
  • Sterilization
  • Electricity
  • Ethics.

After successfully the course you are required to take the Massachusetts State Board of Electrologists dual examination, which consists of a two-hour written and one-hour practical examination. After achieving a passing grade you than are a licensed and registered as an electrologist.


How safe is computerized Electrology-Electrolysis?
All three methods of computer Electrology-Electrolysis are safe when practiced by an experienced state licensed and registered electrologist. The safety of the electrolysis lies in the professional Electrologist's ability to judge the angle of the hair to be removed is growing, whether it is angled diagonally, to the right, or the left. A proper insertion should be made with a three way stretch that open the orifice of the follicle and with the probe gently sliding down the follicle wall penetrating and piercing the papillae right down into the capillaries. (The interior of follicle right down to papillae and blood supply has no nerve endings so there is no sensation or discomfort with an expert insertion). Fact an expert electrologist never allows the probe to brush up against the orifice of the follicle because of discomfort in addition to the fact it causes pitting. Fact only an incorrect insertion will cause pain. With the probe being correctly inserted into the base of follicle the tissue absorbs and disperses the electrical current more efficiently. My motto has always been When electrolysis is practiced as a scientific art with a medical approach© there is no scabbing, scarring, pitting, or excessive redness in addition my patient are relaxed and at ease during treatment. The end result is an excellent treatment with a healthy, clear complexion.


Hygiene - Your safety and well-being are in the hands of your electrologist. A professionally trained, licensed, and registered electrologist uses disposable probes and individually autoclaved forceps per patient, and completes a thorough medical history. Electrologists who reuse designated probes risk their patients' health and should be barred from the profession. A reused probe could inadvertently be mistaken for another patient's, spreading disease. Further, a probe suffers metal fatigue and should not be reused, especially in light of its low cost approximately 50 cents. My sterilization process consists of a chemical bath of Banicide a germicide used in hospital operating rooms; ultrasonic cleaning with enzyme detergent and, finally, each forceps is inserted into a dry heat sterilization bag and placed in a dry heat autoclave. All treatments begin with a triple sterilized forceps and a pre-sterilized disposable probe.

Want to lean more about computerized Electrolysis-Electrology? The Five Star Electrologist Americas Online News & Education For The Electrologist & Consumer©

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