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Ten years and counting and after all this time Laser Parlor Industry have not been able to prove that its works. So when you go to a Laser Parlor you are playing Russian roulette with your health and tempting Murphy's Law where anything that can go wrong will go wrong. After ten years on the market using the public for guinea pigs it is still an unproven dangerous technology that exposes you to harmful cancer causing ultraviolet radiation, first, second and third degree burns and premature aging of the skin. For ten long years and counting the Laser Parlor Industry has outright refused invitations to make their product available for reputable double blind testing performed by Underwriter Laboratories or some other prestigious testing agency. Furthermore the Laser Parlor Industry has saturated the market and it has bottomed out because the consumer has become aware that its just another temporary hair removal scam.

Waxing is wholesale plucking, which worsens the hair problem. Improper treatment rips the papillae, the germanative structure of the hair from the root. When this is done, the root of the papillae shatters, leaving germanative seedlings at the base of the follicle. Each hair is nourished by its own individual blood supply from the capillaries and this will nourish the seedlings and stimulate new hair growth and will cause a distortion of the follicle, resulting in ingrown hairs, inflammation of the follicle, pustules and furuncles The only known cure for this condition is electrolysis practiced by a professionally trained, state licensed, and registered electrologist. Ms. William's primary concern is my patients however being the founder and Dean of Boston School of Electrolysis America's only finishing school for licensed and registered electrologists who want keep ahead of the curve with advanced computerized epilators.

Most people do not realize that hair and skin are both composed of ciliated epithelial tissue. Any chemical that bleaches the pigment from the hair also bleaches the pigment from the skin. This results in macular atrophy, a degenerative condition of the skin known as "white atrophic skin patches". These are cosmetically very unattractive and can permanently flaw your complexion. The final analysis is that women and men who do not seek a professionally trained and experienced, state licensed and registered electrologist will create severe unwanted hair problems. Avoid complications by always selecting a state licensed and registered electrologist.


Always ask for name, address and the electrolysis school and date graduated if the school has closed call The State Board Of Electrologists or the Board of Education to make it existed.
  • Check authenticity of experience and date of license.
  • Always ask to see a state license and registration and pocket license that proves they are currently licensed. If you are unsure about the authenticity of these credentials, verify them with their State Board Of Electrologists.
  • Beware of mail order and “weekend wonder” course diplomas
  • Demand documentation and never be afraid to ask questions
  • Beware of anyone who says licensure is not necessary
  • Always ask the electrologist to demonstrate their sterilization system.

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