A Testimonial from Monique

"Another Transsexual Told Me©

Authored by Monique
Boston Electrolysis® Private Practice
My Statement to the TG Community
Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
"Electrolysis Separates the Girls From The Boys"©
Author Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean

Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979 & Utah Licensed & Registered Electrologist
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
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In 1984 after having created, captioned and originated the copyrighted phrase, "Electrolysis Separates The Girls From The Boys©'' in my soon to be released autobiography. It is my professional viewpoint as a practicing Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist since 1979 nothing has been proven truer than the following statement. Alone and by itself "Electrolysis Separates The Girls From The Boys'' has stood the test of time and there is not another treatment in any form or manner that can come close to or equal the definite superiority and the permanency of electrolysis when it comes to permanent hair removal.

Looking back into time before the "Internet" within today's world of instantaneous communication and information one can never forget the times when Trans-women were not hitherto connected to the realization that a community actually existed and it was much larger than one could imagine however local communities have existed from small towns to big cities. It is not a well-known fact that Trans- Women are the world's smallest minority placed at the bottom of the Totem Pole by an indifferent uncaring society. Transsexuals in the 50's 60's and 70's where isolated and often treated at the back door of doctors and electrologists offices.

In 1979 having graduated from Miss Kelly's School Of Electrology of Quincy, Massachusetts, I became a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist. Believe me when I tell you a Trans-Woman in the Metro-Boston area could only go to an electrologist office at certain times so other patients would not be offended. One can never forget when there was a time when only one or maybe two electrologists in all of Boston would work on TS and sometimes you paid double and even triple nonetheless you never questioned the price and you paid through the nose. One can never forget the prejudice of an indifferent biased society and electrologists before and after electrolysis school and after graduating from Miss Kelly's School of Electrology with honors I opened my practice. From that point on every bigoted electrologist tried every form of prejudice and discrimination to make my life more interesting. One can never forget just before opening my practice there was not one electrologist accept for myself that openly advertised all women were welcomed and it made no difference if you where TS or not. However, there was a major difference; I would never use the gauche sexual stigma and cheap advertising slogan TS and TG Friendly.

Below is a heart-rending detailed testimonial from Monique and all I can say is thank you Monique for it has been my pleasure and privilege to provide you the best electrolysis treatments possible. Throughout this testimony the names, dates, times, and places have been removed to protect her privacy and name and innocence from others who practice prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry.

"Another Trans-Woman Told Me©"
Beware of the TG Friendly & TG Recommended Electrologist
Authored by Monique

Dear Kimberly,

I wrote this detailed testimonial from my heart and I want you to know there are many injustices that need to be brought to the attention of respectable members of the TS and TG Community of Phoenix, Arizona. Also I would like to say thank you because if it where not for your hard work, dedication to your profession and your expertise as an electrologist I would shudder to think of where I would be today.

Kimberly, I want to say thank you for your kindness, understanding and excellent treatments that have made such an improvement in the quality of my life.

Ever so Sincerely Monique.

"Another Trans-Woman Told Me©"
Beware of the TG Friendly & TG Recommended Electrologist
Authored by Monique

Like many other Trans-women in the late nineties I thought electrolysis was finished and in the past when laser hair removal hit the market I thought there would be no need for me to visit an Electrologist's office. Akin to other TS's at that time I to would swallow laser hair removal hook, line and sinker. At that time in my life I was doing well and making a good living and I would later learn that certain members of a TG-Support Group in the Phoenix area claiming to be helpful to my surprise were nothing less than over glorified drag-show for retired transvestites and closet bound transsexuals who lived in a protective enclave for members only. Over time I would learn that it was an assemblage of nepotistic transvestites and perpetually unemployed Trans-Opportunists that would never have a life while they were simultaneously backstabbing each other as their past time. All their members claimed to be in a state of "Bliss and Harmony" and their double-named leader who claimed that all were welcome to join or attend meetings if you did exactly what you where told to do or say. It did not take one very long to see the club leader who espoused harmony manipulates and psychologically twisted member's arms to gain their loyalty. Then again in reality it turned out to be a "Clip Joint" where the ruling elite sheared every newbie TV, TG and TS member while receiving generous kickbacks from every recommended merchant of service for the supposed TG Community.

Nonetheless two to three years ago there was only one merchant or so called professional for each individual listed merchant service from electrolysis and laser hair removal, wigs, clothing, make-up advice and you had only one choice and many of them where unlicensed quacks to begin with. To place an advertisement here you had to get by the one who called herself the Gatekeeper and she decided or was told by the leader who could advertise and who could not.

Our Gatekeeper was a power hungry disgruntled turnkey who was terminally in love with herself and another who members who knew her and humorously or affectionately nicknamed her the "Bathroom Queen Of The West" because of her ridiculous multi-million dollar frivolous lawsuit that never got off the ground. She always dispensed free advice with her words of wisdom of whom to avoid and watch- out for. She replied if they're not on our list their not to be trusted however as an excepted insider at that time she slipped when I asked her where she got her information. She replied oh, mostly gossip and then she chuckled and said who ever made the largest donation to our President which often included some perks of free laser and electrolysis gift certificates, hair removal treatments, massage or gifts from an approved appreciative merchant.

Having been introduced to the "President" who in my opinion was a devout "Fundamentalist Transvestite" I asked him what he thought about their electrologists-laser techs work? The first time I met him he went on to say he had just started treatments three months ago and how great and wonderful she was. After observing his closely shaven face with heavy theatrical make up in the dim light it was not obvious that his complexion was marked, pocked, pitted and scarred although he still had to shave a heavy beard on a daily basis. After that I went on the Internet and looked around for laser and electrolysis hair removal information on a couple of Tran's sites they said you should always negotiate for a large discount from laser hair removal operators and electrologists. After talking to other Trans-women most said go with the laser while two others said electrolysis is the only way to remove a beard permanently. Also just as I was about to leave they reaffirmed to me of whom to avoid.

I would later learn and find it most bothersome that there was only one electrologist on the list and she did laser hair removal too. Conversely I was really turned off with their black list of merchants and professionals to avoid nonetheless out of apprehension and what others said and since she was the only recommended electrologist that claimed she was the best non-licensed electrologist in Phoenix and with electrolysis and her new laser she claimed that she was the wave of the future.

My First Electrolysis Treatment

At my first appointment with her she really went out her way to be nice to me, especially how nice my hair was or some other flattering comment. After the initial first contact she told me was the best electrologist in Phoenix plus she told me she was a Certified Professional Electrologist with twenty-five years experience. I kept to myself but that first electrolysis treatment was painful and after two hours I could not tell if she did anything. She painfully inserted multiple needles all over my face on the upper cheeks to my sideburn area and turned on what she called the juice and then slowly removed them one at a time. Most of the time they would fall out and lie on my skin and start to sting. She told me that happened during treatment and there was nothing to be worried about and I would get acclimated to the electrolysis treatment where it would not bother me. Each and every insertion was most painful but other TS's said that you have to make the best of it and that's the way it works.

Each week I dreaded my appointment with her no matter how many compliments she made, finally after six months of treatment I had the courage to ask how long it would take to remove my beard and she said about five hundred hours or so. She instructed me to ice my face for about thirty minutes after each treatment and after icing my face I had pustules, red scabs, and redness on my face that never healed before the next appointment. Six months and very little progress to show for it and I was still shaving my face and it looked like a mess all the time finally I said I would to like try the laser so she did a test patch before I left that day and scheduled a series appointment for the laser plus I paid a over two thousand dollars in advance. Well I thought about her claim being the best electrologist in Phoenix and that it was my conclusion that electrolysis is painful. Nonetheless I asked her why she only gave the TG Community a large discount and the others none, she looked by with a sour face and did not reply.

My First Laser Hair Removal Treatment and After Care

We decided to give my face a seven-day rest so it could heal before my first laser treatment. When I walked in the day of my appointment she spoke in a high and mighty tone of voice and said, "After today you will get down on your knees and pray to me." Well I thought I am in for the ultimate cure although her comment was not my idea of what a professional should say let alone act in that manner. After putting on the goggles and gel she told me that there is only a little discomfort with her CANDELA GentleLASE System and that a cooling gel she used with a topical anesthetic was available plus she mentioned a doctor would prescribe a narcotic such as Vicodin or Percoset for the slight discomfort. At that time in my transition I was beginning to learn that a Trans-Woman will go through anything to achieve their goal and I wanted this horrible hair off my face so bad I would do anything. Well she started and it was not the slight discomfort she described, it was major burning pain with each pulse like a snapping rubber band that burned my face like hell but I got through it. After I was finished she gave me an ice pack to put on my face but I never thought the pain would be that severe and my skin was scorched and there was more pain to come because I paid few thousand dollars in advance for a series of laser treatments. At the end of the treatment my only goal was to get home that morning and lie down and rest and as soon I got home I changed to my bedclothes and robe to lie on the couch. I was afraid to look in the mirror and when I did I was shocked that my face was extremely swollen, beat red with big-bubbled blisters and the ice only made it hurt worse.

Laser Hair Removal Is Not the Answer to YOUR UNWANTED HAIR PROBLEM

Now I was concerned and scared this laser treatment that was supposed to be a slight discomfort and not a major trauma. The first thing I did was to call my physician and they put me through to the nurse, after few minutes' conversation she told me to come right down. It took a few minutes to dress and I was in so much pain I could not drive so I called a taxi and in twenty minutes I arrived at my doctors office and you should have seen the scared look on the nurse's face when I walked up to reception desk. I was immediately taken to an examining room. After taking my vitals the physician came in and he actually thought for a minute I had been in an industrial accident and when he read the sheet he was surprised to find out that it was a laser hair removal treatment that did this.

Possible Risks and Serious Side Effects of Temporary Laser Hair Removal

After examining me he said I had first and second-degree burns, which would heal, and I had one small third degree burn on the left side of my jaw line and face that could become infected and most likely leave a permanent scar with no pigment. He prescribed me a salve, a wide spectrum antibiotic and prescription of up two Percoset every four hours for the pain, which became quite intense as the day wore on. I asked him about the permanent damage and he said you might be lucky however you never can tell until it heals and he instructed me to use the salve as directed and take all the antibiotics until finished. After all that he gave me a card to another Laser Hair Removal clinic and he remarked this should have never happened to you and then he asked me whom I went to. I replied I am too embarrassed to say anything but I know I will never go there again and then they made me an appointment for the following week for a checkup.

The Best Candidates for Laser Hair Removal Is a Hoax

After filling my prescriptions I arrived home and I thought to myself I would never ignore my intuition again, however that was my last visit to her office. Later on I did some research and found out that my Certified Professional Electrologist who said I would get down on my knees and pray to her was an uneducated non-licensed electrologist. Additionally she had a mere 50 hours of training for the laser. Furthermore I learned the diploma on her wall was from a fake electrolysis school that never existed. I was so angry I called her and demanded a refund for the unused laser treatments and she told me they were non-refundable and for laser hair removal only. She went on to say that she would make an exception where I could apply them to electrolysis treatments or finish up with the series of laser treatments after my face completely healed. Well after reading my contract there was no way I could get my money back so I told her where she could go. I made a complaint through the "President" of the group and he said how could I say such horrible lies? After that he told me I was unwelcome and not to show up at meetings and functions. What amazed me the most is how others would not talk to me? This was my first bad experience and a hard painful lesson to be cautious and only to trust myself and beware of anyone who advertises TS or TG friendly or TG-Recommended.

There Are NO Best Candidates for Laser Hair Removal

After three weeks my face was healed and my second experience and referral by my physician to their recommended laser hair removal office with regular appointments seemed to be working and they gave me two Percoset before and after each laser treatment because of the pain. Finally after three months my face started to clear and I transitioned out to living full time as a woman. No matter what anyone says, laser treatments are painful and in the late nineties laser hair removal was very expensive but the physicians were always ready and gave me painkillers before and after treatments and always reminded to keep regular appointments until all the hairs are gone. Nonetheless all seemed well with each laser treatments I felt myself approaching my goal of being hair free.

Like many Transsexuals, in the beginning of my transition impulsiveness would get the better of me at times where I developed "I Want It Yesterday Syndrome" which prevented me from putting my right foot forward as I jump-started my transition. Charging through my transition in twelve months using my Master Card, and Visa whenever I could borrow money to solve my problems to complete my transition as soon as possible became my way of life. I took the easy way and I would eagerly pay for whatever was demanded to get me through my transition on that day. In the beginning I went cheap on the therapy (none) and put a lot of time and money into laser hair removal, wardrobe, hairdressers, and anything to improve my appearance. In essence, I approached my transition as a race with myself plus I ignored my feelings, emotions, and advice from others. Over the last hurdle I paid a somewhat dubious psychiatrist for my letter needed for my SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery) without having any therapy.

SRS in Thailand

I considered myself an attractive woman, for the most part and being 48 with most people thinking I'm about ten years younger than I look. I am tall, but lean, about six-foot one and a hundred and sixty nine pounds. I still have my own hair with a few grays here and there. My trip to Thailand was easy and recuperating from having multiple surgeries, and after one month in Thailand I returned home. Dr. Suporn did a wonderful job and his associates who did my implants reconstructed my nose and chin did such great work and it was all charged on my plastic. I now had realistic views that I would be attractive and involved in a relationship soon after I healed. Then tragedy struck after not having a laser treatment for over a month I could feel a few bumps on my skin and see my gray-blue-black beard just under the skin beginning to push out. To me this was major setback because I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars I charged for laser hair removal had only temporarily removed my beard and it was coming back a little bit more each day. When I was having laser hair removal treatments on a weekly basis I thought I was almost done and I was seeing real progress but unknowingly I did not know the laser only burned off the top of the hair and what was resurfacing was the undergrowth with untreated roots that were never killed to begin with. Now that I was home, fear came upon me as more hair grew back each day with the growing pile of charge card bills that arrived one after another, however I paid the minimum balance on every card from my savings.

With what little credit I had left I maxed out my last credit card and went back to the same laser tech and she said she would get it this time with their newest YAG laser. Also my medical leave of absence and sick days were coming to end and soon I would have to be back at work in a short time. Almost a week had passed since that day and I had two weeks left before returning to work and it seemed the last laser treatment had done the job even though my face was blistered a bit here and there and sore because they cranked up the current and now my hope returned of having a good job and relationship. Eight or nine days before returning to work all seemed fine until I looked in the mirror that morning and there it was again, the slight hint of a returning gray blue-black shadow and by Friday just three days before work it was almost as heavy as when I first started laser treatment. In a state of anger and near rage, I called the Laser Tech and complained, and she said she they could discount me a new treatment package for me. From there I lost it and yelled I want my money back, after that they hung up and refused all my calls. I tried calling a lawyer at $300.00 per-hour and he told me to read the fine print that said no refunds and my contract said Permanent Hair Reduction not Permanent Hair Removal. I replied back to him that the laser tech said it was permanent hair removal not reduction. He asked, "Do you have that in writing or witness to it? Begrudgingly, I said no, the lawyer, I am sorry but you do not have a case. I can never forget what the "Laser Tech" would say to me, "You know because of the law I am not allowed to say this is permanent but I know it really works."


Those clever words "Permanent Hair Reduction" have haunted my thoughts of how I have been ripped off and I can never forget "You know because of the law I am not allowed to say this is permanent, and it really works." On that day I called work to see if could get another extension they said I would have to return to work by Monday morning the following week, I said thank you and reassured them I would be there. Now my world was crashing down upon me with heavy debt and I was shaving two or three times a day with my thoughts turning to fear because how could a woman with a heavy gray blue heavy beard with a ruddy male shaved complexion get on with her work? I had a good employer and he had gone out of his way to be understanding of my transition but now my emotions flooded me with self-doubt. How I am going to survive in a competitive work environment with a tell tale gray blue black beard?


I was now learning my lesson via the hard way and I feared I could become one of the many Transsexuals who achieve surgery without planning their transition who often face perpetual unemployment after surgery. This is because you cannot hide a heavy telltale grey blue-black beard and shadow and a shaven ruddy male complexion with makeup. Furthermore because of this my life was turning into a nightmare and I read about Transsexuals who become depressed after their losing their jobs and repeatedly being rejected and turned down for employment because using heavy "Pan Stick" theatrical makeup that would not hide a heavy gray blue black beard. Reading about other TS's who talked about being called Sir, being stared at in public and the queasy feeling of being afraid to be seen in public for fear of being outed I worried about developing Agoraphobia. Others talked about being made fun of at work but the biggest complaint was they had no intimate relationships. One observation I found true with a beard most people are terrified to go into a store or in public but the worst is the bathroom, however going in for a job interview with a stubbly beard and coarse complexion is guarantee of not being hired with a beard like mine.

Women are not perfect and either are TS's however interviewers will hire you if you have a feminine complexion it might be cruel however the job interviewer is thinking how you will fit in with others. It's against the law to discriminate however when it comes to employment, a nine to five shadow is your guarantee of not being hired and maybe being fired whether your TS or not. Nonetheless each time I looked at the mirror to shave I was enraged and angry with myself which preoccupied my thoughts how horrible I looked and when I woke up and faced the miserable masculine ritual of shaving morning, noon, and at night if I wanted to go out.

Finally I Called Boston Electrolysis

After taking all the wrong advice and my negative experiences with quack electrologists and laser operators I finally called Kimberly Williams at Boston Electrolysis® and up until that point I had wasted over $20,000 for sub-standard electrolysis and temporary laser hair removal that did not work. Before my consultation-appointment with Kimberly at Boston Electrolysis® I went in a few more consultations with other electrologists who said they where Certified Professional Electrologists, Certified Clinical Electrologists, and Certified Medical Electrologists and all of them turned out to be non-licensed quacks, phonies, and scammers whose only goal was to get my money without working for it.

I have learned about the quacks in Arizona and on the other hand you can take all the quacks combined and they cannot equal Kimberly William's education, knowledge and expertise when it comes to the theoretical and practical application of electrolysis. In addition the quality of her work lives up to and surpasses her written guarantee of excellence. My curiosity got the better of me and I asked Kimberly how come you did not advertise in their local TG directory? She replied, "I put my application in and there was no reply so I called and someone I talked to identified herself as the "Gate Keeper" said I would not be allowed to advertise." Further I asked her for a reason and she refused to give me one. She continued to refuse my calls and emails after that I approached their president at a casual unscheduled meeting and he said no to me without an explanation or reason. Kimberly told me the only reason she can think of is the one of the merchants who knows how excellent her work is and out of fear she is paying them not to run her ad because she would lose her clientele to Kimberly. From there Kimberly went on to describe that is has always been her belief the worst prejudice, discrimination and bigotry comes from jealous TV's and TS's who manage to get in charge of these support groups are on the take. From that point I realized that Kimberly was right and there was something rotten going in that club and that was last time I would ever talk to any of them.

However Kimberly's comment that prejudice, discrimination and bigotry from ones own kind is a sickness of the mind and a form of self-hatred. In regards Kimberly pointed out that she would get hints and requests from others for annual donations to their clubs, which would clear any misunderstanding about advertising on their websites. Of course Kimberly refused out of ethics and honesty.

Having been emotionally scarred and financially defrauded I can say I wasted more time and precious money that I thought I could ever spend. I am 50 now and I have lost two precious years wasting my time and money chasing the elusive quick fix at the end of the rainbow only to have it disappear. It is shame I had to tolerate unnecessary painful electrolysis and laser treatments by that non-licensed certified quack electrologist who promised me everything and delivered nothing. Nonetheless the thought of living in fear for the rest of my life trying to hide an obvious heavy grey blue-black beard with a nine to five shadow with a tell tale male ruddy shaved complexion was my "Achilles Heel". Then again the most fearful of all my thoughts was ending up as a loser who thought she could skip the electrolysis with no job and a real life as I said in the beginning.

From the very beginning to the present I made one mistake after another and the biggest one was being rude, mean, and offensive to Kimberly Williams. Almost two years ago she was kind and polite to me and gave me a free hour-long consultation and evaluation where she said I had a bad case that would take some serious electrolysis treatment. Kimberly's competitors who claimed to be TG Friendly made dishonest comments that she was a political conservative that she did not like Trans-Women when she is Trans. Kimberly gave me an honest appraisal that I had a serious case caused me to make the wrong decision. Kimberly told me to check her license and registration as an electrologist and I later found it is in perfect order without one complaint on it.

I Called Kimberly Williams

Now almost two years later out of desperation I called her back and she never mentioned how rude and arrogant I was to her. When I arrived for my appointment I remember what I said and when I started to apologize to her she said, "Let's get to work I don't have time for the past." At that time she said, "Don't burn your bridges behind you because you can never know when you will have to retrace your steps and back-tracking over a burnt bridge can be humiliatingly painful and costly. The one major fact I discovered or should I say learned from Kimberly during treatments was the fact that she cares and has devoted her life to her profession. If you read her professional portfolio you will discover it true right down to the last item.

Don't Be a Back Seat Electrologist

Before I had treatments with Kimberly, wannabe TS's in the community jokingly called her a snob and said she is over-educated and from Boston. I would later discover and having over heard "Quacks" who claimed and whom I thought at that time to be genuinely TG-Friendly supporters of the community called her name every dirty name in the book in regards to her being Trans. I was disgusted with their repulsive comments and lies, which were flimsy excuses to hide their jealous envy of her professional education and expertise as an electrologist. Let me tell what I have learned about these prejudiced, bigoted TG-Friendly quacks that have cleverly branded Kimberly Williams as an elitist snob who does not care about the TG Community. Let me say this when a so-called TG Friendly Electrologist slams and puts down a TG-Electrologist or professional no matter how cleverly they use the words, it's prejudice, discrimination and bigotry against all Trans-Women at it's very worst. For your information my experience with Kimberly Williams was positive and her expertise and work made me aware that she is an educated and dedicated electrologist to her patients and she treats every one with respect, equality, and dignity. She takes great pride in her work and she is a real licensed, and registered electrologist who is straight and to the point regarding ethics, values, and knowing what she is doing when it come to the practice of electrolysis. Before I started treatment with her I met a Trans-Woman she has completed from scratch to finish and she had a hair free smooth feminine complexion and there where no pits or scars on her face.

Using the old axiom you get what you pay for is true and Kimberly does not offer discounts that favor one group over another and I have learned that her practice is the best in town because of her work. Kimberly said, "The supposed TG Friendly and TG Recommended Electrologists that offer large discounts to TS and TG clientele only is unethical, unfair, and a form of reverse discrimination against all women that need of treatment". Nonetheless I learned she has the best education, training, computerized equipment, triple sterilization, and she is bonded. Moreover I learned that she maintains her license and registration as an electrologist in Massachusetts including her Continuing Educational Units known as CEU's and this summer she completed five CEU exams to renew her license. Certain people in hair removal might claim they are affordable and others say large discounts for the "TG Members" but they never mention the downside of little or no education, skill and training, versus quality permanent hair removal by a well educated experienced State Licensed electrologist with twenty-nine years of experience.

My First Treatment with Kimberly

During my first treatment she told me it was not necessary to use EMLA cream or take narcotics because her insertions were correct my pain would be minimal if I had any at all. My first treatment lasted two hours and thirty-five minutes and my upper and lower lip where completely cleared. Within two months, my face was cleared and I had no need to shave it. After four months my razor was now retired with my skin becoming softer and clearer every week. Within eight months of treatment at three to five hours per week my entire beard area has been under control and soon I will be classified as diminishing maintenance however with each appointment there is obvious noticeable improvement. In addition she performs at least twice the work in the same time as any electrologist I have had treatment with plus, there is no scabbing or pitting and that makes her a bargain.

Don't Be a Back Seat Electrologist

Kimberly says, "Don't Be a Back Seat Electrologist" and let her do work her way because changing everything would only slow my progress. Kimberly uses all three modes of treatment: Short Wave, Galvanic, and Blend, with the latest computerized equipment. She rotates modes and changes currents frequently however with each passing treatment I always made noticeable progress. Other items I paid attention to were her after care instructions and if she recommends you see your physician for anything, do so because she knew when my hormones were off and after a change in the Spirolactone my progress increased dramatically.

Don't count on having your butt kissed or being buttered up at Boston Electrolysis® because Kimberly's too busy doing the job right the first time plus she has too much dignity for that. Her office is comfortable, clean, simple, and neat with real State Of The Art computerized equipment. Her diplomas from the Massachusetts Board of Electrologists and Miss Kelly's School of Electrology are real as is her thank you letter on her wall from Harvard Medical School thanking her for lecturing on Transsexualism, Endocrinology, Human Sexuality, Psychology, and Electrolysis from 1983 to 1987. Visit her website the largest electrologist owned and written website. Her articles are excellent; especially her "Laser Thesis" alone has over 10,000 readers.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean - Established A Non-Profit Gender Clinic!

Kimberly saw the need to have more than one choice in selecting a qualified physician in the Phoenix area that can handle the complicated needs of her endocrine cases for TG patients. So if you are pre-op all you need for hormone therapy is a letter from your therapist with your diagnosis or previous medical records if you are transferring from another area or changing physicians. Kimberly does not accept any financial donations and this was done as her contribution for the community so TS has more than one choice when selecting a physician or therapist in the Phoenix area.

Furthermore I hear that people claim they know some of Kimberly's trade secrets and techniques but to the best of my knowledge she dismissed an apprentice electrologist from the Middle East for making rude disgusting hateful anti-Semite comments. So if anyone in the Phoenix area says, that "Kimberly trained them please be aware she was dismissed for her lack of ethics and of being unable to insert the probe correctly".

Another item don't get involved in politics and petty gossip and what one Trans said about another, keep your conversation to your daily life and so you will know Kimberly does not like people who use her as a therapist. When I am at her office I love the fact I am like a woman not a TS and her motto is all women are the same in fact she does not enjoy TS conversations and political issues for personal reasons.

The Real Cost Of Laser Hair Removal

For your information I have never waited more than five or ten minutes in her waiting room. You can count on Kimberly being on time and polite and if I had started with her from the beginning I would not have wasted $20,000 with every quack in the Phoenix area in addition if I had started with Kimberly I would be almost finished. My skin before treatment felt like dried leather and it was full of infected ingrown hairs and pustules with hyper-pigmentation caused by the laser. Kimberly said it would take at least one year just to undo the damage by the non-licensed quack electrologist and laser operators. Now when I wake up every morning and look in the mirror I can say I am real and feel my beautiful hair free complexion that gives me more confidence than you can imagine. I have a ways to go I hope to be done in a year or less and I ask how many of can honestly say that to yourself?

Kimberly said being a practicing electrologist is not a popularity contest and in Arizona nine out of ten electrologists are uneducated non-licensed quacks with bogus certificates. What I have learned from Kimberly? Humility and not to listen to uneducated prejudice quacks claiming to be TG-Recommended, TG Friendly, and to realize that Electrolysis is a serious profession for licensed and registered electrologists that are educated. On the other hand the most important lesson I learned is that the worst prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry comes from jealous TV's, TG's who can't stand to see other people happy especially another Trans-Woman. Of all the lessons I have learned in life it is the value of humility and it has been my saving grace that those who use prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry poisons their life as much as it imprisons your mind.

You're Pricing Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Because of the lies spread by the President and "Gate Keeper" and a few others I wasted over $20,000 and have spent $10,000 just to get my face decent looking and it will probably cost another $5,000 before my face is completely hair free. That's $35,000 after all the scars, pits, cicatrix formations, caused by bad electrolysis and the burns from the laser caused permanent loss of pigment, scar tissue, and Hyper pigmentation. I realize part of this tragedy has been my own fault because I was badly informed and it is easy to be misled and lied to by people who claim to be TS, TG-Friendly or TG-Recommended. When my face is completed I have a referral to a plastic surgeon to repair my skin as best as possible nevertheless in the end I warn all TS's laser hair removal does not work and watch out for non-licensed electrologists in Arizona who claim to be TG-Friendly or TG-Recommended. I have learned my lessons the hard way and I will not make the same mistake twice and please realize humility is the most becoming and fashionable. However in the end I can only say, Beware of anyone who advertises "TG Friendly or TG Recommended Electrologist."

Thank you again Kimberly, I have a life now,

Thank you Monique, it is my pleasure to be your electrologist.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, Lic. 1979
Boston School of Electrolysis
Boston Electrolysis Private Practice
My Statement to the TG Community

Kimberly Williams, R.E.
Authored By Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979
7330 East Earll Drive, Suite J
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
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From Boston, Massachusetts to Phoenix, Arizona to this very day prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry still exists and I remember those recently graduated Electrologists who I went to school with would say, "I would not touch a Transsexual with a ten-foot pole." Now some of those very electrologists that claim they are TS and TG friendly are on the Internet. However I know the phrase "Can a leopard change its spots?" originated in the Bible and many people believe and know it to be true because it has passed and stood the test of time through the ages however do you think that a hypocrite changes their spiteful ways? No, and certain non-licensed uneducated electrologists in the Phoenix area who advertise on the "Net" claiming they are TS, TG friendly are complete hoaxes. They are aware they tread well beyond the bounds of acceptable professional behavior, ethics, and standards and they go out of their way to use every dirty trick in the book when it comes smearing a competitor who is TG. They think their quite clever in the manner where they surreptitiously manipulate and assassinate the character of licensed TG professionals whom they jealously envy. Nonetheless I have always counter-acted their hate by truthfully advertising my education, credentials and expertise and backing it up with my written guarantee of excellence.

The demands and politics of the TG Community are unrealistic and often leeds to abuse by certain members of their so called ruling elite. Having arrived in Arizona in 1991 I found myself with a few selected friends who meant a great deal to me. In addition I also have discovered that the quality of electrolysis in the State of Arizona is dismal to approaching grim because we have no mandatory laws or regulations that require education and state licensing and registration of electrologists and temporary laser parlor operators. Many of my patients have been heartlessly burned by the loss of money and a pitted, pocked, and scared face from temporary laser hair removal and substandard electrolysis for the rest of their lives. One of my friends was so badly burned she wears heavy make-up 24/7 for the rest of her life. Second-rate electrolysis upsets me and my mission has always been to provide the best electrolysis treatments possible and this has become my calling for 29 years as a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist without one complaint on my license.


From 1983 to 1987 I lectured at Harvard Medical School on the subjects of Electrolysis, Human Sexuality, Transsexualism and Endocrinology. The major issues and concerns of my lecture series centered on the values of having a psychological concrete foundation to build your transition on. Which means being diagnosed with a treatment plan of psychotherapy, electrolysis, and gainful employment as a woman with a complete life? Plastic surgery if needed should be third on your list and if you think skipping psychotherapy and electrolysis without planning for what kind of work you will be doing for the rest of your life is a sure ticket to be listed as "socioeconomic disaster" in your medical records with the others who went the same route. At Harvard Medical School I spoke on behalf and challenged influential leaders of the "Medical Profession" and made them aware that Transsexuals have a right to quality medical treatment. At my last lecture I accused Harvard Medical School of withholding research that proves Transsexualism is a true inherited medical condition and not a psychological disorder that is used by insurance companies to refuse payment for complete medical treatment. However with the questionable and dubious behavior of disreputable individuals on the Internet that have selfishly sabotaged the hard work and good will of respectable members of the TG-Community have only made it worse. However internal petty power struggles by dubious professional transsexuals and TG- Demagogues have set up shops only to recommend non-licensed electrologists and other quacks that will pay a quick kickback or pay-off for a referral and below is how to avoid them.


Many transsexuals that walk into my office have unrealistic goals and expectations of what an electrologist can do for them. Some of you have been victimized or brain washed by unethical, uneducated non-licensed electrologist's combination laser parlor operators that tell what you want to hear instead of what's real. These operators are so unethical they would rather see a transsexual patient fail than to succeed with a licensed and registered electrologist that can do the job. Professionally licensed electrologists are supposed to outsource and refer a patient to another electrologist if the patient's treatment is beyond their ability. In Arizona one must beware of ignorant, uneducated, non- licensed electrologists that print his or her own diplomas, actually delude themselves and believe they are competent to practice as an electrologist. However I say, thank God they don't practice brain surgery.

However for patients with severe facial hair problems your best choice is a self-employed state licensed and registered electrologist with a minimum of 1100 hours of training and 15 years experience. Under trained licensed electrologists that have completed less than 450 hours of training should be apprenticing with a state licensed electrologist for 3 years with similar experience mentioned above. One must be cautious if a non-licensed electrologist illegally employs a licensed electrologist. Due the lack of ethical and professional considerations licensed electrologists are not to work for or be employed by non-licensed quack electrologists. More or less the question comes down to how can a non-licensed electrologist over see a licensed apprenticed Electrologist's work? Electrolysis is a profession that cannot be passed down from one unlicensed electrologist to another without a serious loss of competence, safety, and ethics.

America's Most Educationally Demanding Course to Become a State Licensed and Registered Electrologist in the USA is Massachusetts From 1976 until I graduated in 1979 I endured, overcame and surpassed my peers in stringently applied academics and practically applied electrolysis training. Having dedicated my life to my chosen profession means that as your electrologist I am educated, trained, tested and a State Licensed and Registered Electrologist with a minimum of 1100 hours theoretical science and practically applied training. As a Massachusetts Licensed and Registered Electrologist I have attended and graduated from a state monitored and nationally approved and accredited electrolysis school. I have also taken a dual state board examination consisting of a 2 hour written and one practical state board of electrologists examination and successfully passed both them, and I am currently a Massachusetts licensed and registered electrologist.

Even though my practice is in Scottsdale, Arizona I run it as if it were in Massachusetts. That means my office, equipment and treatments are accountable to a State Board Inspector who could walk in my office at any time and inspect my office. This includes equipment, sterilization, and all professional requirements. If you are unconvinced about your Electrologist's credentials, ask to see their state board pocket license and call their State Board to verify them if you are doubtful.

For your information anyone who takes the 120-hour Certified Professional Electrologist course and thinks that course by itself qualifies them, as an electrologist is "Certifiably Delusional". Electrolysis is a serious medical profession that cannot be mastered or self-taught by a person with a mere 120-hour training course that does not include a high school diploma, background, and criminal check. Lastly, the Certified Professional Electrologist is not required a health check to ensure the electrologist does not have a communicable disease. The average consumer deserves better and would be horrified to learn how easy it is to take the Certified Professional Electrologist certification course that is a hoax and diploma mill to say the least. These fake quick-time courses have exotic diplomas that are easily spotted. These courses have the following fake titles, "Certified Professional Electrologist, Certified Clinical Electrologist, Certified Medical Electrologist, and Professional Certified Electrologist, and so forth.

Desk Top Publishing Of illegal Electrolysis Diplomas

I have spotted one diploma where the fake electrologist stated she is a graduate of Arizona State School of Electrology and the Arizona State School of Electrolysis. After calling the Arizona State Board of Post Secondary Education they told me that neither school ever existed. However, never forget that when a patient walks into my office you will receive the best electrolysis treatment with real State Of The Art computerized epilators. However, I have chosen to set an example from the beginning to this every day. I treat all patients with dignity, respect, and equality from all walks of life. However, for the record I am an electrologist who cares and I provide all patients my written guarantee of excellence.

More than you think working with your electrologist establishes a bond of faith and trust. I care about every patient; on the other hand I will not favor one patient over another and every patient receiving equal consideration and treatment. Women come in all sizes, shapes and personalities and having completed hundreds upon hundreds of severe cases from scratch to the end I have helped all women to attain their goal of removing their unwanted hair problem. When I speak it's to all women and no matter what the cause of your unwanted hair problem whether you have Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, Hypo-thyroidism or that you are Transgendered, all women treated equally. Some unethical electrologists advertise and favor one group over another however I will not. Some of you are going through trying times and my position, as your electrologist requires all my attention to help achieve your goal of permanent hair removal and that is where I am focused. I do not engage benevolent projects and there are no electrologists that I am aware of that can or have the right to stand on the pulpit while preaching down to those less fortunate.

Non-licensed Certified Professional electrologists and other assorted hair removal buckaroos that claim to use ultra fast Thermolysis and laser will always bring you poor results and major disappointments. On my website you will learn the answers to your electrolysis questions as well as straightforward information that one needs to select the best treatment for yourself. However, I ask you to please take into consideration that what you may hear from non- licensed wannabe electrologists or backseat electrologists who have a lot to say about me or my work even though I have never had the pleasure of making their divine acquaintance or had the heavenly delight of working on them. I dislike Internet professional transsexuals who have nothing better to do than opinionated backstabbing that I have observed, which has led me to conclude my affiliation with several individuals.

After opening my practice in Scottsdale I felt the full effect of their prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry and dirty tricks to discourage me. Fact I always succeeded because I take their hate and turn into something positive and for me that was to continue my (CEU's) Continuing Educational Upgrades and to work 10 times harder to be ten times better than any electrologist and second to no one. Fact my office has the best up to date computerized epilators and equipments coupled with my triple sterilization system. It's safety first with 29 years of private practice without one infection.

From the past to the very present in Scottsdale, Arizona my goal has always been to establish a "State Of Being" where respect is the common denominator for all patients who walk though my door. It has been my goal to create an environment where all seeking my professional services will feel safe and secure that your needs are addressed and appreciation of your patronage is demonstrated by the superiority of my work

However, no matter whom you go to for an electrologist make sure you ask them to give you a written guarantee of excellence like mine below.

Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean, America's first and only electrologist who guarantees in writing that after one treatment, if you can locate a better electrologist, bring me the receipt and I will refund your first treatment fee up to one half hour of treated time. In addition to that, even on difficult cases, I can work at one-third to one-fourth the time of the average electrologist - licensed or unlicensed. I also guarantee that you will have the most comfortable treatment with no scabbing, scarring, or pitting as a direct result of my treatments©.

For those of you who would to make an appointment for a no fee consultation give me a call at 480-607- 8121. So you won't waste your time my hours are from Tuesday to Saturday.

My last appointment of the day is 4:30 Tuesday to Thursday and on Friday I stop at 2: o'clock in the afternoon. Saturday is very busy however; I am opened from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. with a rare occasional cancellation.

Areas Treated

Due to the fact that I have a very active practice all electrolysis is limited to facial hair problems treating Hypertrichosis form severe to superfine this includes the complete face, neck and back, eyebrow shaping, ears, hairline, fingers and toes.

Dress Code if you have not transitioned out and you are not living full time as woman I ask that you please dress in the appropriate attire.

Thank you,
Kimberly Williams, R.E., Dean
Massachusetts Licensed & Registered Electrologist, 1979

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